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No Credit Check – Contract Mobiles – Bad Credit

No Credit Check mobile phones apply now

Have you failed your credit check or have bad credit?
You are not alone! 50% of the UK population have the same difficulty obtaining a contract.
There’s another option to get you back on the ladder…

 The Shebang network launched in September 2012 in partnership with award winning network 3G . They offer those customers who fail to pass a credit check for a mobile phone contract a guaranteed ‘yes’.

Shebang welcomes every customer to its network by offering no credit checks at all on SIM only contracts and selected 12 month contract handsets to firstly build the trust with the customer.

Shebang offer an upgrade on SIM only and 12 month contracts after a short while to any handset of choice on a full 24 month contract. 

    What to expect:

  • 100% Guaranteed Pass upon application
  • Guaranteed handset upgrade – Upgrade to the latest smartphones 6 months into contract
  • Capped monthly bills as standard – No unexpected bill shock with this network
  • No long term commitment – Break free from long term commitment with shebang’s SIM only 1 month rolling plans

Bad credit? You are not alone…

 The vast majority of us normal people experience financial difficulty at one time or another. For whatever reason your financial situation becomes difficult, one of the main concerns for us all is how this impacts on our credit file

As you will probably be aware, companies refer to credit reference agencies in order to determine if an individual is trustworthy. The history of paying existing credit arrangements (such as credit cards, loans and mortgages) are all documented, as well as the amount of recent applications you have made to other financial organisations can also have an impact on your credit rating. Therefore it is not wise to keep applying to numerous companies for contract mobile phones (and indeed any other form of subscription or contract) if your application is rejected. 

Contract mobile phones without credit checks

 There are benefits of obtaining a contract mobile phone. If you have experience financial difficulty and you have poor or a bad credit rating, then showing potential lenders that you are paying your mobile phone bills on time each month can be the foundation to a road of recovery.

Shebang, an established UK company, has launched a mobile phone service in-conjunction with Three to offer customers mobile phone contracts without the use of a credit check. This is only service in the UK which offers people with bad credit a chance to get a foot back on the ladder. So apply today, enjoy the benefits of having a mobile phone contract and demonstrate that you can now pay your bills on time each month. 

apply now

Notes & Tips

As previously mentioned, if you have poor or bad credit, you should refrain from applying for any form of credit or contract until you have improved your credit score. As discussed this can be achieved by obtaining a contract mobile phone and demonstrating that you can pay your bills on time. After a few months this will start to effect your credit score in a positive way. You can also apply for specialist credit card such as the Vanquish card. The Vanquish card (apply here) » works in a similar way to the Shebang guaranteed mobile phone contract pass. Spend a little on it and pay back in-full each month to help build your score. Before you apply for anything, it is worth signing up to Experian. Experian are one of the credit reference agencies which hold personal financial information about you. This information is accessed by companies when you apply for credit or contract. Here you’ll be able to see online your current financial situation and credit score. From their you can start to take the necessary steps to improve you credit history and get back to a more healthy and stable financial footing. At the moment there’s 30 day free trial. If you are interested then you can sign up here » and see your credit file today online.

*Please note, this is a guide only and made in good faith. We are not responsible for any external websites or have any responsibility for articles we write based on information provided by companies featured. You should always read terms and conditions in full before making any commitments to contracts or credit applications. You can get free independent financial advice from the new Money Advice Service » set up by the government or the Citizens Advice Bureaux »

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