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quote Welcome to our review and comparison article on the new Samsung Galaxy S4 . Providing information, specifications and unique features of Samsung’s new flagship handset. After reading a overview of the Samsung Galaxy S4’s vital statistics, you can compare the Galaxy S4 alongside the Galaxy S3 and S2 in our ‘versus’ comparison table. Furthermore, compare the S4 alongside other latest handsets » on the market today. Finally, use our comparison facility » to browse popular deals available today with free gifts.

The full range of Galaxy mobiles from the first generation are all available on contract, free of charge and with Free Gifts. Initially this handset will be limited to Automatic Cashback and redemption offers (when ordering an the Samsung Galaxy S4 without an upfront cost). However, when the first deals appear on the market offering electrical Free Gifts, they will be included in our search results, so it’s worth checking back.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 – Overview

Samsung Galaxy S4

quote Samsung have announced the latest reincarnation of their flagship Galaxy series – the Samsung Galaxy S4. While it has been said that Apple’s updated iPhone (the iPhone 5), has disappointed in certain respects, the Galaxy S4 was impressing the industry ahead of the UK release date of 26th April 2013 (due to stock issues this date was pushed back to the 2nd of May).
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First impressions of the Samsung Galaxy S4 give off a very similar look and feel to the S3, however, under the hood the S4 transcends that of it’s predecessor in terms of features and performance. Reading through the spec and comparing the S4 to the S3, you quickly notice increased performance on every level. An updated camera from 8 to 13 megapixels, increased processor speed and double the memory (2GB RAM) from the S3. The S4 has the same storage capability as the S3, but this is now expandable and can be doubled with a 64GB memory card. Visibly the S4 has a slightly larger screen from that of the S3, from 4.8 to 5 inches. Yet it features a thinner handset casing. It is possibly the offering of a Full HD display resolution (1080 x 1920 pixels) that will get tongues wagging.

Samsung has also introduced several new integrated apps and hardware devices that promises to ‘change the way we live’. A bold statement of course, but a way for Samsung to market apps such as ‘S Health‘ whereby a user can monitor heart rate, count steps via a pedometer and optional wristband and monitor body weight with external Samsung weighing scales. Similarly, the launch of the Samsung ‘Game Pad‘ aims at turning the S4 into a portable gaming console. The user simply slots the S4 handset into the Game Pad device (which features a dedicated joystick and action buttons) and plays games in a way that is similar to the Nintendo DS. It seems that the use of the handset to control external device’s (via WIFI) is a key feature of Samsung’s strategy to keep a healthy share of the smartphone market.

To conclude, the Samsung Galaxy S4 promises an increased user experience through a Full HD screen and impressive storage, processor and memory capacity. A market leading 13 megapixel camera (only matched by the Sony Xperia Z) and the optional integrated apps and additional hardware. Only time will tell if the Samsung Galaxy S4 holds up against the competition and help Samsung retain the accolade of ‘must have smartphone’ for the forth coming year. quote

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  • Below you will find a list of the handset’s main features, followed by a comparison table of technical specifications for each generation of the Samsung Galaxy S series.
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 – Main Features

    Talk time (hours): Up to 14 hours

    Standby time (days): Up to 790 hours

    Size: 136.6mm x 69.8mm x 7.9mm

    Weight: 130g

    Screen Size: 5 inches – 1080 x 1920 pixels – Full HD

    Chip / Speed / RAM: AP – 1.9GHz – 2GB

    Internal phone memory: 16GB / 32GB / 64GB

    4G: Yes

    Camera: 13 Megapixels

    Video Capture: 1080p HD

    Music Player: Yes

    Stereo Bluetooth: Yes

    WI-FI: Yes

    Email Capability: Yes

    Operating System: Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)

    Compare Samsung Galaxy S4 – Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S2 Spec

    Spec:Galaxy S4Galaxy S3Galaxy S2
    Talk time:14 hours21 h 40 min18 h 20 min
    Standby:790 hours590 hours710 hours
    Size:136.6mm x 69.8mm x 7.9mm136.6mm x 70.6mm x 8.6 mm115.2mm x 58.6mm x 9.3mm
    Screen size & Resolution:5 inches – 1080×19204.8 inches – 1280×7204.3 inches – 480×800
    Chip / Speed / RAM:AP – 1.9GHz – 2GBA9 – 1.4GHz – 1GBA9 – 1.2GHz – 1GB
    Internal memory:16GB / 32GB / 64GB – Expandable to 64GB16GB / 32GB / 64GB – Expandable to 64GB16GB / 32GB – Expandable to 32GB
    Camera:13 Megapixels8 Megapixels8 Megapixels
    Video Capture:1080p HD1080p HD1080p HD
    Music Player:YesYesYes
    Stereo Bluetooth:YesYesYes
    Email Capability:YesYesYes
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    Notes & Tips

    As we have already mentioned in this review, with the recent release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 they maybe limited deals with Free Gifts currently on the market. Basically for two reasons; the handset has a very high retail price which is already subsidised when providing the handset on a mobile phone contract. Secondly, there is no real need for networks and third party retailers to offer incentives when sales volumes of the handset are already high. This situation could change any day and we will update this information accordingly. The first Free Gift offers are likely to be discount line rental, Cashback and Automatic Cashback in nature. These will appear in our Advanced search facility » , so it’s worth checking back regularly.

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