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Search and compare the latest contract mobile phone deals with Free Line Rental.
Free Line Rental – how does it work? Simply pay your monthly tariff as normal, then send in your bills as proof of monthly payment at set stages through your contract. You then receive payments from the retailer which amounts to the advertised Free Line Rental value. Cashback by Redemption » also works in the same way. If you are organised and can send in your bills on time (as outlined in retailers’ Terms & Conditions), you can enjoy huge savings on your line rental.

We provide a unique advanced search facility to compare Free Line Rental, tariffs, networks, company profile information and availability of handsets with no upfront cost, so you can discover exactly what is available today for your next contract mobile phone deal.

With over 1 million online deals compared daily, our dynamic search helps you refine your search results and browse live deals from across the internet.

Simply select, build and order your mobile phone with a free gift from the UK’s leading retailers and networks…

Best Mobile Deals with FREE Line Rental today

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</p><p>Your browser does not support our results comparison table frame. Please navigate to the following link to view the dedicated page for: <a href=";mode=reverse" title="Free Line Rental">Compare Free Line Rental with Contract Mobile Phones</a></p><p>We search and feature over 1 million deals from the UK market and offer reviews, company profiles and comparison tables for transparent information on all aspects of the contract mobile phone market.</p><p>

Tips & Notes:

It is extremely important that you follow the guidelines when claiming your Free Line Rental. These guidelines can be found in the retailers’ terms & conditions from where you ordered your contract mobile phone deal (find details and directions to these on our Retailer Profile Pages » ). For all types of Redemption offers (Free Line Rental, Half Price Line Rental and Cashback), the method of claiming is based around a system – you claim your cashback in stages throughout your contract. How it works… You send your bills as proof of payment to the retailer, they then issue you a cheque or bacs payment. So is important to send in your bills and claim on time or you risk voiding your whole claim. It is advisable to send bills recorded delivery and to make photo copies before you post them. Again, seek advice from the retailer on how best to go about claiming with them. Be organised and set a reminder, an alarm or jot down deadline dates on your calender.

As an alternative Automatic Cashback deals » are paid at a set time after your connection date without the need to claim. The value of Automatic Cashback deals amount to a little less then redemption offers, but this means that you don not have to send in your bills to claim. *The timing in which different retailers payout Free Line Rental (redemption) and Automatic Cashback deals differ. We provide a comprehensive guide to this information for each retailer, this information can be found in our Retailer Profiles Pages ». Also, our results comparison tables provides a quick look at delivery times for handsets and all types of free gifts.

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